hope exists to strengthen, encourage and support family life. We love to see strong, loving family relationships and families feeling well connected into their community.



How we work

It is important to us at hope to link in and enhance what is already going on in a community. We look to network and work collaboratively, connecting with churches, charities, schools and other statutory and community groups who are seeking to support families. Occasionally we run independent projects if circumstances would benefit, but we truly value the strength and importance of good communication and shared working.

Christian Ethos

What hope means by a ‘Christian Ethos’

Respecting / Caring / Patience / Non-judgmental / Loving / Honesty / Compassion / Humility / Working Together / Encouraging

These are at the core of living as a Christian, although we acknowledge that many uphold the same ethos to life without a Christian faith.

hope‘s belief statement

  • It is our belief that God is all knowing and above all things
  • His nature is love and His desire is all people know Him and live life with Him
  • God demonstrated His love through His Son Jesus
  • Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection to life, is the way we have a full relationship with God
  • The Holy Spirit is our helper equipping and guiding our lives
  • Prayer is a conversation enabling us to listen and talk to God
  • The bible says “We are loved by God, friends of God, and co-heirs to Christ”
  • Knowing this identity leads to living an adventurous life, characterised by confidence, peace and hope

How Christian faith impacts what hope does

  • Creates compassion to work with those finding life difficult
  • Inspires hope for people beyond the pressures of their circumstances
  • Gives reason for encouraging churches in their faith and connection to their community
  • Encourages volunteers to be willing to talk about faith and life with anyone who wants to
  • Values unity and working together, so we network and partner with other groups
  • Inspires prayerfulness to underpin decisions, project content and advice
  • See Vision and values

Do you have to be a Christian to be involved with hope?

  • No, but it helps to be in agreement with the words describing the Christian Ethos
  • See Vision and values