Vision and values



To value family life by encouraging others in their enjoyment of family time, and supporting people through the challenges of family life.

To see the effects of stress and isolation in families reduce to a manageable level.

To encourage and equip people to make a difference to families they see in their community who may need support and friendship.

As we work to fulfil the vision of hope, we want the values below to characterise our relationships and approaches in all we do as much as possible.


Christian Ethos

This underpins the reasoning and approach for all we do. We always consider the group and individual’s situation and ensure any Christian content and advice is appropriate.


How we treat and speak to each other is every bit as important as what we do. Respect is not just a polite approach, but a deeper understanding that we can learn from others. Differences are not always things to be changed, but can be appreciated and valued.


We value honesty and respect confidentiality.


In everything we do, we try to achieve the highest quality we can. We aim to give our best with the time and resources we have. Challenging circumstances are approached with grace and forgiveness.


We are involved in a variety of areas, experimenting and trying new things to fulfill our vision.


We endeavour to make our activities relaxed and welcoming, aiming to ensure that everyone feels valued and a part of what is going on.