I joined Hope as a volunteer whilst I was on furlough during the pandemic. I needed something meaningful to do with my time. 


What I got was so much more …….

Hope’s Drop In at Bentswood Hub was a new venture and felt a little daunting, but I was surrounded by other volunteers with experience and wisdom to guide me.  I completed the volunteer program which also meant I felt more equipped to succeed and represent the charity.  

Before long we were welcoming mums (and a few dads) who started relying on us for comfort, company, a cuppa and conversation. And boy did those conversations provide so many opportunities to help & guide these lovely mums.  

I felt useful and part of something special – A community – The Hope family.

 I made new friends.

 I laughed.

 I cried. 

I cared and felt cared for. 

……….So much more than merely ‘filling my time’!

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