Hannah’s story

Hi my name is Hannah, I am 28 year old mum with 4 children aged 7, 4, 2 and 1 years of age, as well as a carer to my husband who’s slowly getting back into work after 3 years of not working due to medical conditions.


Before I started going to the Drop in run by Hope I would spend most of my days at home taking care of the children, house, husband and dog. So I didn’t really do much for myself and I was struggling to give myself that time I needed for me and a break away from everything. That caused me to feel low and down, as well as arguments about everything with my husband as he couldn’t quite understand. This was all going about in lockdown which made this worse as we were juggling homeschooling my eldest daughter, nursery run with her brother and a 1year old toddler while expecting a baby so it was a nightmare.

When I was doing the school/ nursery run in September 2020 I’d just given birth to our recent boy and life was a bit of a mess until one of the members stopped me outside the Bentswood Hub and asked if I wanted to come in and I said maybe next week. Deep down I was nervous as I never really found mum groups accepting because of my age.

Next week comes and I made sure I went with the children to go and do something for me. I have never felt so welcomed and a sense of warmth from the ladies who volunteer every week. So I made an aim for myself to break up my week by going. What is nice is you can go in there feeling rubbish with struggles but once you talk it out and get advice is seems a brighter.

Another thing I do like about the Drop In is that I can go in there, have a hot coffee and a chat as well as, do some little crafty things they put out each. It’s been a great way for me connecting to other mums in similar situations but also made long term friendships with the lovely ladies who help volunteer each week. I couldn’t recommend a better group to attend.

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