Sparkle groups

What is a Sparkle Group?


A Sparkle group is a guided support group giving mothers, of any age, a safe, structured group to belong to that offers friendship and support.

Each group has no more than 8 members, to ensure that each person feels able to contribute in conversations and friendships can grow more easily.

Key characteristics in a group are encouragement, commitment, hope, non judgement and understanding attitudes.

A group meets on a weekly basis through term time offering a programme of trips out, conversations, workshops and much more guaranteeing laughter, fun and something to look forward to.

Each group is supported by a hope volunteer who is there to offer direction and support to group members, as well as help to work out a programme of activities for the term that meets the needs of those in the group. A member from each group acts as a group co-ordinator, staying in regular contact with the hope volunteer and other group co -ordinators to feed back about how their group is going and to discuss other programme ideas.

Who is it for?

Mothers, of any age, who find it hard to meet new people, lack confidence in bigger groups and would benefit from a group that offers regular meet ups that are a mixture of social and subject based sessions.

A Sparkle group could be for you if you:

  • want to meet new people and have fun, but feel shy
  • would like to increase yourself worth, esteem or confidence
  • would like to develop your life skills to improve family life, e.g. cooking, parenting, money management

Join a group

If, after you have read the sections about what a Sparkle group is and who it is for and you think you would like to join a group, then:

  1. Contact us or ask a friend to get in touch on your behalf if the thought of ringing a stranger is too much.
  2. We will get in touch with you and arrange to meet up somewhere you are comfortable with to discuss how to link you with others who know how you are feeling.
  3. There may be an existing group you can join or we can explore setting a new group up with other people you may know who would also benefit from a Sparkle group.

Referring someone to join a group

If you work in a toddler group or a professional setting that connects with families, such as a preschool, school or as a  health visitor, please contact us so we can build your awareness of Sparkle groups to enable you to refer a mother if you feel it is appropriate.

If you are aware of a mother who would benefit from belonging to a Sparkle group, or would like more information, please contact us. We treat each conversation with confidentiality and respect.