Space for Dads

What is Space for Dads?

We are currently working out the details of when and where to meet but we do know it is going to be a chance to get together with other dads and share thoughts and ideas in different areas of being a father and husband/ partner.

Whether it’s the highs or lows of relationships, working as a split or blended family, picking up ideas of connecting to your children, managing work pressures or physical and mental health challenges, at hope we recognise the many pressures life can bring these days to a man when they have a family.

We hope this space will become a supportive community to meet face to face and encourage each other resulting in families becoming stronger.

Why is it important to take time out?

How often do you take time out to think about your marriage, partnership or fatherhood?

Fathers are just as important to a safe, healthy family.

Fathers offer a unique relationship to their children bringing better child development socially, academically emotionally and spiritually when positively involved.

A healthy partnership is key to a positive home for the children and grandchildren to grow up in, but takes work. Listening to others helps us expand our understanding and toll box of ideas to support our decisions.


Contact us so we can let you know how to get involved.