What is Playtime?

PlaytimeA fun session of play opportunities that lasts 90 minutes and offers a range of creative experiences, normally based around a theme.

The activities lead to the use of all senses encouraging fun and learning to happen at the same time. At hope we firmly believe that play is important because:

  1. It makes family relationships stronger
  2. It helps children learn, even more so when adults get involved some of the time
  3. Children love adults spending time with them

For these reasons we run these sessions to give families a chance to enjoy time together without the clearing up! We hope families who come, leave the session with fresh inspiration to spend time playing as ideas can, for the most part, easily be copied at home.

There is no right way to play with the resources on offer but the hope volunteers running the session are there to offer suggestions and support on how to use the equipment if needed.

Who is it for?

The sessions are aimed at families with preschool children, although holiday and Saturday sessions can be enjoyed by older siblings as we add in table top games for all the family to enjoy.

We think that 18 months is a good age to start bringing your little one as by then most have stopped putting everything in their mouths! However, all the age suggestions are just a guide, as every child is individual in how they enjoy playing so we leave it up to you to visit one time and decide if the sessions are relevant for your family.

Find a session near you

All playtime sessions are advertised on our facebook page and on the calendar.

Who can host a playtime?

Playtime is a very accessible project for churches to partner with. It works well either as part of an existing toddler group/community café, or as an independent way of extending the care and contact with families in their locality.

The cost of running a session is £55 which can either be covered privately or hope can help to find funding to oversee.

Do contact us if you’d like to explore the possibility of partnering with hope through Playtime sessions. There is great flexibility in how Playtime can be used to fit in with the individual needs of a location. A hope representative would be more than willing to come and discuss how we can partner with you.