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Sparkle groups

Join a welcoming group of mums who understand anxiety, the loneliness of parenting and the importance of connecting with each other. This is a space each week just for you where you can enjoy having adult conversation, relaxing and find encouragement.

What are Sparkle Groups

Each group is kept small, to ensure that each person feels able to contribute in conversations and friendships can grow more easily.

Key characteristics in a group are encouragement, commitment, hope, non judgement and understanding attitudes.

A group meets on a weekly basis through term time offering a programme, decided by the members, of workshops, conversations, trips out and much more; guaranteeing laughter, fun and something to look forward to.

Each group is supported by Hope volunteers who are there to offer support to group members.

Who are they for

Mothers, of any age, who find it hard to meet new people, lack confidence in bigger groups or simply benefit from a group that offers a safe place to share their thoughts.

A Sparkle group could be for you if you:

  • want to meet new people and have fun, but feel shy
  • would like to increase your self-worth, esteem or confidence
  • would like to develop your life skills to improve family life, e.g. cooking, parenting

Join a group

If you would like to join a group then please contact us or ask a friend to get in touch on your behalf if the thought of ringing a stranger is too much. We will get in touch with you and arrange to meet up somewhere you are comfortable with to discuss how to link you with others who know how you are feeling.

Burgess Hill

Friday mornings in term time


Thursday mornings in term time

Haywards Heath

Tuesday mornings in term time

If there’s nothing in your area but you would like to be involved with a Sparkle Group, or find out more information, please get in touch.

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