Space for Dads

Be part of this friendly, relaxed group of dads who enjoy chatting over a game of pool or table tennis.

What is Space for Dads?

At Hope we recognise the many pressures life can bring these days to a father. Whether it’s the highs or lows of relationships, working as a co-parenting or blended family, picking up ideas of connecting to your children, managing work pressures or physical and mental health challenges, this group can offer a chance to hear how other people handle the pressures of life.

Why is it important to meet other fathers?

  • It is valuable to invest time in thinking about your family relationships
  • Dads are important to a safe, healthy family
  • Positive involvement by dads can encourage healthy child development socially, academically emotionally and spiritually 
  • A healthy adult partnership is key to a positive home for the children and grandchildren to grow up in, but takes work. Listening to others helps us expand our understanding and tool box of ideas to support our decisions
  • Your experiences can support other people through similar situations.

Join a group

If you would like to join a group then please contact us or ask a friend to get in touch on your behalf if the thought of ringing a stranger is too much. We will get in touch with you and arrange to meet up somewhere you are comfortable with to discuss how to link you with others who know how you are feeling.

Bentswood Hub

Thursday evenings in term time 7.30 to 9pm

If there’s nothing in your area but you would like to be involved with a group please get in touch.

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