Family matters

Family MattersWhat is Family matters?

Strong, authentic friendship, that runs alongside any professional support families or individual parents are receiving, is immeasurable and largely goes unrecognised and unsupported. Quite often, people feel at the end of their abilities to help and exhausted.

We’d like to grow the confidence and level of this support given to families within the community. The wonderful saying “It’s not about waiting for the rain to stop, but learning to dance in the rain” is a tough but wonderful thing to discover. The importance of consistent, reliable and positive friendship in that discovery is significant.

Family matters is the project run by hope that offers two strands of conversation to support those involved in the huge amount of friendship care going on. (See What is available? below for more details.)

The support we encourage acknowledges the difficulties of long term issues, encourages empathy, understanding, love and compassion. It offers hope, a hug and a clear message to families that people care, understand and want to be there to listen and help as we can.

Who can be part of these conversations?

  • People who find they are supporting a neighbour or friend and would value support and added understanding in how they can help.
  • People who would like to use their own lives’ experiences to help others gain insight and understanding.
  • Professionals who would like to offer their expertise.
  • hope volunteers as part of the ongoing support available.

What is available?

Conversations available to you: as a supporter.

These guided discussions offer the opportunities to discuss various areas causing stress and isolation within families. They are aimed at those supporting friends, family or neighbours through difficult situations to share experiences and knowledge. From the conversations, we will all gain ideas and greater understanding, coming away feeling more supported in the care we are offering.

At the moment we hold conversations in response to the demand for them or when we are training our volunteers.

Conversations available for you: to bring your friends to.

Aimed at providing a safe, welcoming opportunity to bring friends to, these conversations will help restore confidence and hope. They offer an informal space to process thoughts through open and honest discussion. They are already making a significant difference for people who never know how, or who to talk to about their thoughts and feelings.
These one off discussions are practical, caring and encouraging. The atmosphere in the room feels safe, and different perspectives help to move people on in their thoughts.

Why do we run these conversations?

  • As statutory services struggle with reducing resources and greater demand, the need for communities to be working together, and feel more able to stand alongside families finding life difficult, is key.
  • We want people to know there is a place to come, as a carer for families, to feel supported.

Get in touch

Please check our facebook page for any current events advertising conversations OR, contact us to discuss joining in with a conversation either for yourself or to see how we can work with you to help someone you know.

Tell us if there is a topic you cannot see that would benefit you in the support you are giving to someone.
We are happy to look into developing new ideas for conversations that would help you.


Topics of Conversation

(For those who are supporting friends, neighbours and families)

  • What makes a good supporter?
  • Having boundaries to ensure your life isn’t taken over, or burned out, by the help you give
  • The Power of Hopefulness and what that can look like
  • How can my Christian faith become more effective and relevant when those around me don’t want to talk about it?
  • Working through grief
  • Coping with anxiety
  • Raising the levels of self esteem
  • Building self worth
  • Help, I’m not a professional!

Restoring Hope

(Conversations for you to bring your friends, neighbours, family to)

  • Coping, managing and reducing anxiety
  • Growing stronger relationships between parents
  • Love Languages…Understanding how other people know they are loved by you and you are loved
  • How play can help your family become happier
  • Building self worth
  • Building self esteem
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Coping with grief
  • Reducing comparison, celebrating individuality
  • Coping with change
  • Looking after myself like I would a friend