Family fun

What is Family fun?

90 minutes of games, challenges and tasks to participate in.

Who is it for?

These sessions are aimed at families with primary aged children upwards who’d like to come and enjoy time together. Organised games and challenges are run that families work together in an informal friendly atmosphere.

There is always plenty of laughter, cheering on and clear instructions so people know what they are doing.

Whether you are creative, sporty, quiet, like to sit and think or bouncing with energy there will be something for you.

Who can book a Family fun time?

Sessions work well for churches wanting to connect and encourage families in their area.
Schools, if you have a group of families you identify could do with some fun and activities to encourage attachment, then use us to support you in your work with them.

A session costs £55 to run, plus any room hire and food costs as required. hope is prepared to find funding if the funds cannot be found privately.

A minimum of 5 families is needed for a session to work well. As we run sessions we advertise them on our facebook page and the calendar.