Churches and community groups

Helping you support parents in your community struggling with anxiety, loneliness or who just need some support and guidance.

Our projects

Our projects may meet the needs you can see and enable you to reach out to these parents.
Working with you in partnership, we can help find, train and equip volunteers to start and run a new project, or link you into existing projects in your area.
Whether you are a caring individual or part of an organisation (such as a church), Hope’s ongoing collaboration with you will provide support and encouragement and offer chances to connect with other volunteers doing the same thing in their communities.

Support group for mums

Guided support group giving mothers, of any age, a safe, structured group to belong to that offers friendship and support.

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Parenting Workshops

School based workshops that offer stimulating conversation on parenting topics.

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Drop In

A space open to the whole community, these sessions run on a weekly basis through term time offering a friendly space to belong to.

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A fun session of play that lasts 90 minutes and offers a range of creative sensory activities based around a theme.

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Space for Dads

A supportive community of fathers in differing stages of life that will encourage each.

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If you’re interested in talking about your church or community group we’d love to hear from you.