Chance to chat

What is Chance to chat?

Chance to chat
These relaxed conversations lead adults in discussion about all manner of subjects related to being a parent. They can be between 30 to 90 minutes long and provide a safe time to share thoughts and gain different ideas and perspectives to extend their confidence and strategies in nurturing their children.

Who can host a conversation?

We run regular conversations in Preschools and Primary Schools, coordinating with the manager and SENCO’s as to the needs of the community.
Conversations also work well with groups of friends, and, although a little crazy, the shorter sessions work as part of a toddler group session.

Why do we run these conversations?

We love to engage families in discussions about parenting. It is such a vital area of conversation and family support to enable us to pull off one of the most important tasks in life…nuturing babies into adults. This task comes with with little or no preparation and training and every child is unique so not surprisingly needs individual handling!
There is so much we can learn from each other, so plenty of room is given for everyone to share their experiences and ideas.
You don’t have to have a problem to benefit from being part of our conversations. A lot of parents enjoy the opportunity to have the time out to think thorough their parenting approaches.

What is available?

Whatever stage of family life you find yourself in, whether facing the adaptation to having a newborn, toddlerhood, primary ages or teenagers there is a conversation for you.
Click here for the list of conversations we have led on parenting subjects.

Get in touch

Please contact us to discuss how a conversation can be part of your school or community group or if there is a subject you cannot see that you would like to have an opportunity to discuss.