Build communities

Sparkle groups

These groups are  safe, small communities for mothers of any age to build supportive friendships. The programs are individual to the needs in a group, but all build confidence, give space to be yourself and have a weekly place to share thoughts and have fun.

Space for Dads

We are currently talking to some dads to discover the best way for hope to provide a chance for fathers to get together. The aim is to provide support and encouragement to men in their family responsibilities in order to secure, happy family lives.

Have fun


These are sensory play sessions for families with 18 month to 4 year olds. Playtimes work well as part of a regular community group or event. They provide a relaxed place for families to play and meet a wider community.

Family fun

Fun and games of all kinds to come and join in as a family. Aimed at families with primary school aged children upwards.

They provide a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy time together.

Talk and support

Chance to chat

Useful in schools, preschools, or simply a group of friends, these guided conversations offer encouragement, fresh perspective and a chance to express thoughts and pick up new ideas from each other. Conversations are tailored to the need of the group depending on what subject is concerning parents.

Family matters

Our training conversations  enable and equip people to be more confident in offering support people  they naturally come into contact with in their community.

It also means they become part of a team who value families and are willing to draw along side families who would benefit from added supportive contact with their local community.